Where ideas are borne

Writing is a way to explore the world in a way it can’t normally be explored. Magic, fairytales, legendary creatures – none of these exist in our world, but they can exist in a world we create in our minds.

Warped was originally the child of the thought: what if Belle hadn’t saved the Beast? What would have happened?

After it was completed (multiple times, through multiple drafts, tears, smiles and laughter), Shattered was borne from from the thought “what if a mirror was a portal? What would happen?”

Each book leads to a new question, and a new curiosity that begs itself to be explored. Here, you’ll find me wondering about each new question and delving into new worlds.

What questions have you asked yourself that led you down a rabbit-hole?


One thought on “Where ideas are borne

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  1. Hi Amber, it’s Lara. Bindrik is my pen name (because it’s also my witch name, and I write about witchcraft on my blog.) Thanks so much for linking me to your blog! I love your idea of starting a book from just one question. So glad to have something inspiring to read.


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