When a book is finished (after celebrating!)

A few days ago, the best part of Seasong was written: The End. I’m not done working with the book – not even close! But, I am done with the first draft. Now come the edits – hundreds and thousands of them. More details, cleaning up prose and tags, more action, checking for the flow – it’s going to take a few months to get all of this accomplished.

When I edit the first draft, I’m looking at word to word, line to line, paragraph to paragraph, so it can take a lot longer to run through my first edit than it did my first draft.

While I’m in editing with 3 books (Warped is with an editor, Shattered is being worked on at a slow, steady pace, and Seasong has just started), I’m already plotting my next book.

It’s a standalone horror tentatively titled “High Prairie”, which will be pulling a lot of horror elements. Set in Dakota Territory, it follows our protagonist, Johanna, as she homesteads by herself with only a handful of neighbors.


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