In a rut

Sometimes I get in a rut. The last week, I’ve been there. It’s deep, muddy, and it’s hard to find a way out. I don’t want to write; I have no inclination to edit. Nothing about writing sounds appealing. Query letters? They find themselves shoved to the side and ignored.

But, despite no urge to write or work on my books in any way, I know I have to. I have hundreds of words, lines and pages waiting to be polished. If I keep sitting on my bum, they’ll stay they way they are: unfinished and stagnant.

So today, I’m forcing myself to work on Warped. Do I want to? Hell no. I want to reddit and not think about my writing – but I can’t ignore it.

My editor has multiple comments on my document of Warped, so I’ll traipse over there and work on it for a bit. And just that little bit might be enough to ignite a spark. But, if it’s not, I’ll push myself again tomorrow.


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