Starting a New Book

I have many, many books that I’m writing. No, let me correct myself: I have many, many books that I started writed – and have since given up on. Not trunked, but deleted because the story hasn’t developed.

Some of them were started from dreams, some from a question or two – but most of them fizzle out like a sparkler on the 4th of July. Glorious for a moment or two and then they simply are tossed away.

The stories that continue are the ones that my imagination can develop. Seasong, for instance, and Aine’s story about finding herself. Jess and Lucien’s love story, or Gideon’s story of redemption – and currently, Ria’s nightmare of growing up with Banshee’s and doppelgangers.

But, you’ll never read about Joan’s nightmare on a haunted prairie, or Roxy the German Shepherd. Why? I really don’t know other than I can’t figure out how to plot them. So I have a few pages written, but they sit, languishing in my docs, untouched for months until I finally delete them.

Sometimes, hints of the stories appear in other works, like some of Joan’s nightmares are turning up in Ria’s story, but for the most part, they’re forgotten.

Maybe if I plotted, then I wouldn’t have so many barely-started stories…but that’s not how I write. I went into each of those with a concrete story – beginning, middle and end…but for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the words to come out, and rather than force them, I moved on.


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