In SHADOW CROSSED, you’ll meet Theodosia, a Princess from the Shadow Kingdom and Mira, a soldier from the Unseen Kingdom.

There are two types of magick: Shadow and Caecus. Shadow magick uses shadow to conjuration (items, such as weapons or clothing) and creations (life, such as humans and animals). Caecus Magick is unseen – healing and purification.

Theodosia escapes her father, the Shadow King, before he can use her power to conquer the Caecus Kingdom. When she meets Mira, Theodosia discovers that their magicks work with each other. Together, they find the Caecus Queen and tell her of The Shadow King’s plot against the the Caecus Kingdom.

In the end Theodosia and Mira, working hand in hand, can defeat the Shadow King father and restore the Shadow Kingdom to it’s former peaceful glory.


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