“To write is human, to edit is divine.”

A quote by my beloved author, Stephen King, expresses exactly what I’m doing right now. Editing. The writing is easy, but the drafts that come after are anything but. I have to look at each word, each sentence, each paragraph and each idea and ensure that they all work together.

Which word works best? Turned? Spun? Whirled? Only looking at everything separately and then together will tell which is the best choice. Should that sentence even be there to begin with? Does it add to the story or does it take away from the flow of the paragraph?

Writing and editing WARPED, I learned many things about writing. I learned that I like to start a story too slow, so by the time the action comes, I’ve no readers left. Knowing that, I can edit a story so I weave in the background information into the bulk of the story, so the components are there, but the issues dragging down the first chapters is gone, leaving the readers to start the story with a BANG instead of a whimper. (Yes, I bastardized that quote for my own use).

In the last couple of months, I’ve been working hard on SEA SONG, and getting the story of Aine on the pages. I’ve moved past the first few drafts, and now she’s with a beta.

Since SEA SONG is out of commission for a bit, I’ve been working on SHADOW CROSSED (writing!) and SHATTERED (editing). Gideon from WARPED is calling to me, so I’ve been plunking away at his personal story (RECLAIMING VERITY), so there are a few new books in the works. If you were a fan of DEATH TAKES WING, that is also going through edits for a re-release. Keep looking ahead for new materials!


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