Finding Violet by Isabella Price

Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers. Do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy


FINDING VIOLET has a slow, steady burn, starting with the reader meeting the novel’s namesake, Violet, and ending with Violet finishing a personal journey.

Violet has never quite fit in, due to her hidden religion, her unknown skill as an empath, and her introverted personality. When she has a chance to find a place for her and her mother to truly belong, Violet leaves her mother and starts on that journey.

Partway through Violet’s journey, we’re introduced to a new character: Rook, a man with a mission of his own.

Rook’s journey shadows and parallel’s Violet’s. He’s searching for a specific person, who can help defeat an evil man known only as the Monarch.

Once Violet finds the Coven, a group of woman with skills similar to Violet’s, Violet learns that she is a guardian – a person who may be able to defeat the Monarch.

When Violet returns home to find her mother dead at the hands of the Monarch’s minions, the story blazes to the finish.

Violet is the only one who can defeat the Monarch, but she can’t do it alone. Rook must aid her, in a way only he can.

Personal Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading about Violet and Rook’s journeys. I see a lot of myself in Violet (being a soft-spoken introvert, albeit without the true empathy). Rook was a really interesting character to follow, and I loved seeing how the two different personalities clashed. There were parts (like with the Coven) where I was actively cheering Violet’s growing spine on. My only wish (which is something that could be fulfilled later!) is to read more about Violet, Rook and the world they live in.


Recommendation: Readers of young adult fantasy or adult fantasy will enjoy this new take on a woman’s journey to find herself.

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