One twisted road leads through the dark woods filled with a malevolent curse to the castle of the Beast.

Two women are the only hope that the Beast has of becoming human. One will succeed, and the other will die.

They may want to free the Beast, but the curse has a life of its own, and it will destroy anyone who tries to remove it.

Marguerite knows nothing about curses when she stumbles down the haunted road to the castle. Once there, she realizes she can’t leave the Beast trapped. Alone, she searches for the way to break his curse.

Jess has been destroying curses for ten years, and seeking the Beast for the last two years. Her only goal is to free the Beast from his unjust curse. Jess has the knowledge and power to free him, but she’s being hunted by a malicious jinn, making it impossible to stay away from the curse harrying her.

Only one woman will break the curse, free the Beast, and escape with her life.

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